Ornament Shop Scholarship


2023 Scholarship Winner:

The winner of the Ornament Shop Annual Scholarship for 2023 is Nicholas Feinman who attends Purdue University.


To help the winning student pursue their goal of higher education.

Quiz and Paragraph:

When in College you have to spend time researching topics.  The purpose of this quiz is to see if you have good researching skills.

Please answer the following questions (answers are to be found on this website) and then include a short essay along with your answers to the quiz, telling us your intended area of study at college and what you would like to do after you graduate.  Winner will be based on the number of correct answers to the questions below and the essay you write.


1.   What year did the Mischievous Kitten go after the Bird Feeder?

2.   A strawberry tops the Christmas Cupcake series in which year?

3.   What is the name of the ornament that has a little mouse using a paintbrush in a child’s paint box?

4.   Which Snowtop Lodge snowman is named after the machine the smooths the ice at a hockey game?

5.   What is Curious George doing in 2010?

6.   Who is playing with Wicket in 2013?

7.   Which year did Hallmark feature a Marigold fairy?

8.   Hallmark has only featured one ornament of a Ninja turtle.  Which one?

9.   What is on top of the first miniature gumdrop?

10.  Which year did A Pony for Christmas feature a Clydesdale?

11.  What is wrong with the train that the Misfits from “Rudolph” are riding in 2014?

12.  Snoopy and Woodstock play hockey in what year?

13.  Hallmark has Breast Cancer angels with a variety of messages.  Which year does it bring Serenity?

14.  What special character from Frosty the Snowman is featured in the 50th Anniversary ornament?

15.  What animal is holding the brass numbers in the 1994 Fabulous Decade?

16.  Which year’s Classic American Car is named after a Mountain Lion?

17.  Fisher Price’s vintage toy “Corn Popper” was done as an ornament by Hallmark in which year?

18.  What year did Frosty Friends do a special edition featuring a seesaw?

19.  Which beautiful bird was available only to Club Members in 2019?

20.  In 2004, what is popping out of the ice to greet the moose in the Cool Decade series?

Who is Eligible:

Any graduating HS senior or current college/university student in the United States with a 3.0 GPA or higher and a ACT of 19 or higher.

Open to only US Citizens.

The scholarship will be paid via check mailed directly to the student's college or university as payment for tuition.

Deadline for Submission of Essay:

12 Noon EST - June 1, 2024 - No exceptions (Any late entries will not be considered)

Submitting an Essay:

Entries are to be emailed here.  Entries should be completed in Microsoft Word. Use the words SCHOLARSHIP ESSAY in email title.

Entry needs to include the following (view Privacy policy):

Street Address
City, State, Zip Code

Email Address

Phone Number

College/University attending, its full address, and field of study.

We will select and announce a winner on The Ornament Shop Facebook page.

Employees of The Ornament Shop and their immediate families are not eligible for this scholarship.

Scholarship Sponsor:

The Ornament Shop
P.O. Box 1071
Findlay, OH 45839

(419) 427-8506

Email: ornshopf@yahoo.com (inquiries and submitting to scholarship)