Selling Ornaments to The Ornament Shop


** Please Take the Time and Read Carefully Before Sending a List **

The Ornament Shop does at times purchase Hallmark Ornaments individually or as collections. However, we do not buy everyone's ornament(s) or collection, and we also do not pay the price listed in our price list.

Please include the lowest price you will take for your items.

We get a lot of lists and have a limited amount of time to review them. To sell your hallmark ornament collection we ask that you send a list of your collection along with quantities and the condition (click on link for a complete description of how to grade) of each ornament. If just QX numbers are listed without names, the list will be totally ignored. You will increase your chances of selling if the list is organized by year or by series (Series List). We do not need pictures of the items. Virtually all dealers will ask for the same information.

Also please note if you will sell individual items (we advise) or only as a lot. We accept list files in Excel, Word, Lotus and Text formats only. 

Please visit Contact page for our mailing address to send your list or you can email to  We will review your list and contact you if we are interested. We ask that you do not call us and ask over the phone to evaluate your list as this does not give us sufficient time to evaluate the true value of your hallmark ornament collection. We also do not sell items on consignment and we generally do not pay what we sell the item for..

Please include an email address and a phone number.