2003 Angels Of Virtue

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2003 Angels Of Virtue - Ornament

Celebrate the power of virtues and the magic of Christmas with the 2003 Angels of 
Virtue Hallmark ornament. This beautiful Christmas decoration features a set of three
angels, each adorned with intricate designs and shimmering metallic wings. Each
angel holds a symbol representing an important virtue - the star for knowledge, the
heart for devotion, and the moon for purity. These virtues are at the heart of the holiday
season and serve as a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

The craftsmanship of this ornament is exceptional, with each angel delicately crafted 
and detailed with care. The use of metallic accents adds a touch of elegance and captures
the light beautifully, making this ornament a stunning addition to any Christmas tree. Each
angel also has a loop at the top, making it easy to hang and display.

This ornament is not only a beautiful decoration, but it also serves as a meaningful gift for 
loved ones. The virtues represented by the angels are timeless and universal, making this
ornament a thoughtful gift for anyone on your holiday list. It also comes in a classic Hallmark
gift box, making it easy to wrap and give as a present.

As part of the Hallmark Keepsake collection, this ornament is made with high-quality materials 
and designed to be treasured for years to come. It is a perfect addition to any Hallmark
ornament collection or a great way to start a new tradition. Spread the message of love,
knowledge, devotion, and purity this holiday season with the 2003 Angels of Virtue
Hallmark ornament.


Mint in Box

Not Dated

Size: 3 inches High

Artist: Joanne Eschrich