2004 Feliz Navidad

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2004 Feliz Navidad - Ornament

Celebrate the holiday season with the beautiful 2004 Feliz Navidad Hallmark ornament. 
This stunning ornament features a intricately decorated guitar, complete with colorful
accents and traditional Spanish designs. The guitar symbolizes the festive music and
joy of the holiday season, making it the perfect addition to your Christmas tree.

Crafted by Hallmark, this 2004 ornament is sure to stand out on your tree with its intricate 
details and vibrant colors. It is made with high-quality materials, ensuring that it will last for
many holiday seasons to come. Whether you are a collector of Hallmark ornaments or simply l
ooking for a unique decoration, this Feliz Navidad ornament is a must-have.

This 2004 Feliz Navidad ornament also makes a great gift for family, friends, or anyone who 
loves holiday music and traditions. It comes in a gift-ready box, making it easy to wrap and
give as a thoughtful present. Spread the joy and warmth of the holiday season with this
beautiful and meaningful Hallmark ornament.

Add a touch of cultural flair and music to your Christmas tree with the 2004 Feliz Navidad 
Hallmark ornament. Whether you hang it on your tree or display it on a shelf, this ornament
is sure to bring a smile to your face and remind you of the joy and magic of the holiday
season. Don't miss out on this limited edition ornament - get yours today!


Mint in Box

Not Dated

Size: 5 inches Wide

Artist: Edythe Kegrize