2004 Nick and Christopher #1 - Downhill Delivery

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2004 Nick and Christopher #1 - Downhill Delivery - Ornament

Celebrate the holidays with this adorable 2004 Nick and Christopher #1 - Downhill 
Delivery Hallmark ornament. Depicting the lovable bear, Nick, and his friend, Christopher,
skiing down the slope, this ornament is sure to bring a smile to your face year after year
when you take it out to decorate your Christmas tree. Made by Hallmark, known for their
high-quality and detailed ornaments, this piece is a must-have for any collector or lover
of cute and festive decorations.

The ornament features Nick and Christopher dressed in their winter gear, with colorful 
scarves and hats, as they zoom down the snowy hill on their skis. The attention to detail
is evident in the little touches, such as the snow flying behind them and the tracks they
leave in the snow. This ornament is sure to transport you to a winter wonderland, even
if you don't have any snow where you live.

The 2004 Nick and Christopher #1 ornament is part of a series, making it a great addition 
to any collection. Each year, a new ornament featuring the beloved duo is released, and
this first one is a special one to have. The back of the ornament is marked with the year
2004, so you can easily keep track of which one is which. It also comes in its own box,
making it easy to store and protect during the off-season.

This Hallmark ornament is not only a great addition to your own holiday decorations, 
but it also makes a wonderful gift for family, friends, or coworkers. It's perfect for anyone
who loves cute and festive decorations, and who doesn't love a fun skiing adventure? So
why not add a touch of fun and nostalgia to your holiday season with the 2004 Nick and
Christopher #1 - Downhill Delivery Hallmark ornament?

1st in the Nick and Christopher ornament series.


Slightly Damaged Box

Not Dated

Size: 3 1/2 inches Wide

Artist: Tracy Larsen