2004 Peanuts - Love To Dance

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2004 Peanuts - Love To Dance - Ornament

Add some classic Peanuts charm to your Christmas tree with the 2004 Peanuts - 
Love To Dance Hallmark ornament. This delightful ornament captures a heartwarming
scene from the beloved cartoon, featuring Schroeder playing the iconic Peanuts
theme song on his piano while Snoopy dances along. The attention to detail in this
ornament is impeccable, from Schroeder's focused expression as he plays the
piano to the joyful expression on Snoopy's face as he twirls and tap dances. This
ornament is sure to bring a smile to your face and fill your home with the Christmas

Crafted with care by Hallmark, this 2004 Peanuts ornament is made from high-quality 
materials and features vibrant colors and intricate designs. It is a perfect addition to any
Peanuts or Christmas collection and makes a thoughtful gift for any fan of the classic
comic strip or animated specials. Hang it on your tree or display it in your home to add
a touch of nostalgia and whimsy to your holiday décor.

Whether you grew up reading Peanuts comics or watching the beloved holiday specials, 
this Love To Dance ornament will bring back fond memories and create new ones.

Celebrate the joy of music, friendship, and the Christmas season with the 2004 Peanuts - 
Love To Dance Hallmark ornament. Add it to your collection today and enjoy it for years to

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Mint in Box

Not Dated

Size: 4 inches High

Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Artist: Nello Williams