2023 Disney - Mickey's Tree Farm

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2023 Disney - Mickey's Tree Farm - Ornament

Welcome to 2023 Disney - Mickey's Tree Farm ornament! Get ready for 
the holidays in style with this festive ornament featuring classic Disney
character, Mickey Mouse. With this ornament, you'll receive the perfect
holiday decor piece that will stand out on any tree. Mickey is behind the
wheel of a timeless red truck from his own tree farm and comes complete
with a bottlebrush tree attachment in the truck bed and moving wheels to
make it seem like Mickey is driving it. This charming and whimsical piece is
sure to spark joyous conversations during your annual Christmas gatherings
and will bring light-hearted smiles to anyone who sets eyes on it. Add some
magic to your holiday decorations this year with 2023 Disney - Mickey's
Tree Farm ornament and enjoy years of festive cheer.


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Dated 2023

Size: 2.03 x 2.08 x 3.82

Artist: Not Noted