2023 Disney/Pixar - Soul - Joe Gardner and 22

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2023 Disney/Pixar - Soul - Joe Gardner and 22 - Ornament

Introducing the 2023 Disney/Pixar - Soul - Joe Gardner and 22 ornament! 
Perfect for your holiday cheer, this eye-catching piece is sure to be a
hit with everyone who sees it. This Christmas ornament features soul 22
and middle school band teacher Joe Gardner, brought to life in their
iridescent forms as they exist in The Great Before. The vibrant colors
bring out all the details of the characters, showing off 22's unique style,
character design and personality. And what better way to remember such
an important story than with a keepsake that will last for years to come?
Plus, the whimsical yet witty tone makes this piece a great addition to any
festive display. Let this bright and creative ornament light up your
Christmas season!


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Size: 1.07 x 2.73 x 1.4

Artist: Eddie Hui