2023 Football - Nick Chubb - Cleveland Browns

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2023 Football - Nick Chubb - Cleveland Browns - Ornament

This 2023 Football - Nick Chubb - Cleveland Browns ornament makes 
an ideal gift for any sports fan or collector of team memorabilia this holiday
season! Showcasing one of the most beloved players in the NFL, the star
running back of the Cleveland Browns, Nick Chubb, this Christmas ornament
features him in an action-packed pose with the football tucked under his arm
mid-run. Crafted with great attention to detail and made from durable materials
that will last through many Christmases to come, it's sure to be a hit in any
household! Plus, it has a fun and whimsical touch with its vibrant colors perfect
for spreading holiday cheer. Add some professional style and creative flair to
your home decor with this memorable piece of NFL history – a must-have for
any true fan.


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Size: 3.93 x 4.43 x 2.5

Artist: Not Noted