2023 Lookin Out My Back Door

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2023 Lookin Out My Back Door - Ornament

Welcome the 2023 holiday season with this unique and fun "Lookin' Out My Back Door" 
ornament! Crafted by Tomco, this semi-acoustic guitar-inspired decoration is sure to be a
conversation starter in any home. Perfect for music lovers and Christmas enthusiasts alike,
this tasteful ornament is sure to delight all who lay eyes on it. Gorgeously detailed with a
signature Tomco design, the authentic look of this ornament pays homage to the classic
Creedence Clearwater Revival song. Not only will it bring a splash of holiday cheer to your
home, but the ornament also plays part of the song when you press a button on its side! A
timeless keepsake to be cherished for years to come, the 2023 Lookin' Out My Back Door
ornament is sure to make any holiday season more special.


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Size: 2.0 x 5.25 x 0.68

Artist: Tom Best