2023 Naughty and Nice Arcade

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2023 Naughty and Nice Arcade - Ornament

Welcome the 2023 Holiday season with the 2023 Naughty and Nice Arcade ornament! 
This classic Christmas decoration features a vintage-style arcade game on a sturdy,
festive base. Featuring a jolly Santa figure with a bright eyed expression, this ornament
can light up your holiday decorations! To play the game, simply press the button and
see the classic carnival game design light up. As you listen to the whimsical music, you'll
discover if Santa thinks you've been naughty or nice! Get ready to be filled with joy as
you watch this ornament light up and hear the festive message it will deliver: If you've
been naughty, you won't get any presents! If you've been nice, you'll receive everything
your heart desires! Perfect for families or homes with an old-school, vintage-inspired
aesthetic, the 2023 Naughty and Nice Arcade ornament is sure to bring smiles and
laughter to your holiday season.


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Size: 5.98 x 5.62 x 2.93

Artist: Sharon Visker