2023 Peanuts - Charlie Brown Stocking

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2023 Peanuts - Charlie Brown Stocking - Ornament

Welcome to the world of Peanuts! Celebrate the 2023 holiday season with Charlie 
Brown and his Peanuts pals with this iconic stocking! Crafted from soft plush fabric, this
cheerful yellow stocking features the iconic black zig-zag pattern from Charlie Brown's
shirt. Hanging it on your mantle is sure to bring a smile to your face and create excitement
in your home. Let this stocking remind you of all the festive memories you’ve shared with
those you love. Any fan of the classic 1969 animated TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas
or any of the Peanuts series is sure to be mesmerized by this stocking. Plus, it’s big enough
to fit all your special treats and gifts! Hang it on your mantle and relive the joy of this classic
series. Get your 2023 Peanuts – Charlie Brown Stocking today!


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Size: 10.0 x 18.2 x 0.5

Artist: Terri Steiger