2023 Soccer Star

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2023 Soccer Star - Ornament

Celebrate the love of soccer with 2023 Soccer Star Ornament! Whether 
you’re looking for a unique gift to show someone how much you appreciate
them, or if you just want to bring some cheer to your tree this holiday season,
this is the perfect ornament for the occasion. Featuring a goal net, soccer ball
and two dangling cleats adorned with stars and stripes, this eye-catching piece
not only looks great hanging on your tree, but also serves as a reminder of what
it takes to make a true soccer star out of anyone. So don't miss out on the
perfect way to honor your favorite player or coach and bring a whimsical and
witty twist on Christmas decorating this year. With its durability and year-dated
design, the 2020 Soccer Star ornament is sure to be a treasured item in any
household for many years to come.


Mint in Box

Dated 2023

Size: 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.75

Artist: Tom Best