2023 Star Trek - Captain Kirk - Miniature

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2023 Star Trek - Captain Kirk - Miniature - Ornament

Whether you’re a fan of classic science fiction or just want to add a 
unique piece of Star Trek memorabilia to your holiday decorations,
the 2023 Captain Kirk Miniature Ornament is for you. The tiny figure
of the legendary Commander and leader of the USS Enterprise is
crafted with incredible attention to detail, no matter how small.
Capturing his expressive face and iconic gold uniform, it perfectly
evokes his presence from the silver screen. The ornament is sure to
make any fan smile this holiday season - hang it on your Christmas
tree or anywhere else in your home for a whimsical tribute to one of
Starfleet's most beloved captains. Not only does it bring back unforgettable
memories from past episodes, but its expert craftsmanship and detailed
design will make an impression on anyone who sees it. Get ready to boldly
go where no one has gone before with this fun and timeless holiday
decoration inspired by the great Captain Kirk!


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Artist: Emma Leturgez-Smith