1981 Reflections of Life - Schmid Ornament

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1981 Reflections of Life - Schmid Ornament

Celebrate the holidays with the 1981 Reflections of Life Schmid ornament. 
This exquisite glass ball ornament, designed by renowned artist Juan Ferrandiz,
features scenes that capture the balance between nature and mankind. Adorned
with intricate details and vibrant colors, this ornament is a true work of art that
will add a touch of elegance to any Christmas tree.

The front of the ornament showcases a peaceful scene of Mary and Joseph in a 
nativity scene surrounded by animals and angels in the tree. A different scene comes

to life. This time, it is a serene summer day, with lush green tree with Mary and
Joseph holding the baby Jesus while they sit in front of a tree. A donkey admires
the baby. This scene represents the harmonious relationship between mankind and
nature, reminding us to appreciate and care for the world around us.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this ornament is a true reflection of 
Juan Ferrandiz's talent and creativity. From the delicate brushstrokes to the
intricate designs, every element of this ornament showcases the artist's unique
style. The glass ball is also adorned with a golden ribbon, making it easy to hang
on your tree or display in a special place.

Whether you are a fan of Juan Ferrandiz's work or simply appreciate beautiful holiday 
decor, the 1981 Reflections of Life Schmid ornament is a must-have for your collection.
Bring a touch of charm and wonder to your home this holiday season with this stunning


Slightly Damaged Box

Dated 1981

Size: 3 1/4 inches H.

Artist: Not Noted