2004 Nostalgic Houses #21 - Barber Shop

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2004 Nostalgic Houses #21 - Barber Shop - Ornament

Celebrate the holiday season with a touch of nostalgia with the 2004 Nostalgic Houses 
#21 - Barber and Beauty Shop Hallmark ornament. This charming Christmas
ornament features a traditional Barber shop, complete with striped awnings,
barber pole and a quaint storefront window. But that's not all, included in this ornament
is a portion that represents a Beauty shop, with two ladies inside getting their hair done.
The attention to detail in this ornament is impressive, from the intricate sign above the
door to the tiny combs and scissors adorning the Beauty shop window. This ornament is
part of the Nostalgic Houses series, and is the 21st edition in the collection. Each year,
Hallmark adds a new house to the series, making this ornament a must-have for collectors.
Whether you collect the entire series or simply appreciate the charming design of this ornament,
it is sure to bring a smile to your face as you reminisce about the good old days of the traditional
barber and beauty shop. Add this 2004 Nostalgic Houses #21 ornament to your holiday decor
or give it as a thoughtful gift to a loved one who appreciates vintage charm.

21st in the Nostalgic Houses series.


Mint in Box

Dated 2004

Size: 3 1/2 inches High

Artist: Don Palmiter